Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured in Calgary, Alberta

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It was a lot of fun to see you all at ARBI's Holiday Open Houses! Scroll down for photos...

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The ride is done and the goal was made, and then some! Thank you!

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...for making the annual classic at Heritage Pointe in memory of Bill Powers a huge success, again!

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Big brother, foodie, snowboarder, “Americano lover” …
Survivor of a severe traumatic brain injury. Lukasz got a second chance …

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Retired engineer, husband, photographer and stroke survivor.

Out of long-term care and back home.

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Sam Switzer

"What stuck with me after a tour of the ARBI facility was the perseverance. Encouraged by family and staff, ARBI’s clients persist through hard work to ensure their best outcome.  The possibilities for these clients should not be compromised by a lack of equipment."

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Jim Gray

“I support ARBI because it is really what Calgary is all about; people coming together to support each other through challenging times.”

Learn how Jim Gray gives second chances …

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Enjoys sports, loves music and appreciates art. 
What she really wants is to volunteer and make a difference. 
She is a brain injury survivor. Carla got a second chance...

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Iron Al

Six-time Ironman, father of six, and grandfather of 22 … stroke survivor.
Alan got a second chance …

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ARBI gives brain injury and stroke survivors a second chance at life.

ARBI provides intensive community-based rehabilitation and family support in a nurturing environment. With personalized rehab, and lots of encouragement, survivors can once again enjoy fulfilling lives in their communities. Continue learning.

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And now, An ARBI Christmas Story:



This is Val…

...and this is Val’s camera. It’s an Exakta Varex, fully manual 35mm film camera, made in Germany circa 1958.

It’s an interesting little rig, with an interchangeable eye level/waist level finder, a shutter button on the left side of the lens, and the ability to feed the exposed film from its canister into an empty canister on the other side of the body, including a clever sliding blade to cut the film free from the original canister. It also feeds the opposite direction (right to left). That one took some figuring out!

Val brought it in for us to play with, so we put a few rolls of Kodak 400 through it not knowing what to expect. The results are interesting, and depending on your taste, really awesome, too!

Thanks for the fun, Val.



Well, that's a wrap! Thank you so much to Grover and Company, CycleTherapy, and everyone who joined us at our open houses this week. It's always great to see so many friendly and familiar faces. ARBI simply would not happen without your support.

Cheers, friends, and have a safe Christmas and holiday season. 




In honour of the coming snowfall in Calgary, here's a little throwback thursday action to warmer times! We made this video in the summer to say thank you to CycleTherapy for all they do for us, and to show them how the bikes they donated are used. 


On December 5, Lifetouch Photography Canada will set up a photo studio at ARBI to capture family photos of ARBI clients. This incredibly generous offer is free, there is no catch. But wait, there’s more…each participant will receive one 8 x 10 photo framed, one 5 x 7 picture and a sheet of wallet-size portraits and a disc containing all the photos.


Why are they doing this? Because they are very, very nice!


“Lifetouch believes that we share in the responsibility for the wellbeing of our community. The Giving Back program will allow our organization to assist others in the community by capturing images. Our mission is to provide you with images that will be cherished for a lifetime and remind us of what we hold most dear.” – Bonnie Rink, Lifetouch Photography


We have limited space for this incredible opportunity. Appointments start at 8:30 am and the last appointment is at 3:00 pm. Alumni clients must attend with a family member or caregiver.


To book your appointment, email with your name, preferred time and contact info. Each session is 15 minutes long. 


The ARBIChat Fall 2014 newsletter is out now! Read a client's first-person account of rehab, or about our awesome volunteers, or meet our new executive director, Mary Ellen Neilson, or catch up with former ARBI client, Lorna (pictured below). 

Read on! (


Here is the advertisement (above) that ran in the Calgary Sun to celebrate the success of the McKinley Masters/ARBI Charity Classic. Thanks again to all of our sponsors and golfers! Your support makes a difference. 


Judy Stawnychko brought her son Mike (above) to ARBI 20 years ago for rehab following a brain injury. Soon after, she took the reigns as our executive director and began to guide us with ambition and grace through unprecedented growth.

Now in our 36th year, we look a bit different from the outside looking in, but our values remain the same and those who know us, know that our values continue to set the course we’re on. 

Just as family brought her to us many years ago, they call her back again, this time into retirement.

Take care of your mother for us, Mike! We know you will. (Read Judy's farewell message here.)

From the heart, thanks for everything, Judy, and welcome to our new executive director, Mary Ellen!

Mary Ellen Neilson is a born and bred Albertan with an impressive record in the financial sector. Her vision is sure to keep us on course, and usher in a bright future of hope and success for our clients and families. Plus, she’s already won us over with some fine work in the kitchen (soup and sugary baking, if you’re curious).

Drop her a line to say hi! She won’t mind, promise:


This just in! View our Annual Report for 2013-14 here.