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Ben wants to have tea parties with his daughter. Read how he's working on it! 

Fall Newsletter

Is there hope?

We think so! Watch our new video to see why.

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Thank you for making Sponsor Our Survivors 2015, with Dr. Norman Doidge, a huge success.

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Follow Eddie's journey re-learning to run, skate and ride a bike; an example of the activity-based approach we take to rehabilitation. 



John, among other things including stroke survivor, is also a published novelist. We asked him to write about his time here.



Liz says volunteering at ARBI leaves her "feeling inspired and with a greater appreciation for what is important in life and the strength of the human spirit." Read the full Q&A here...


Sam Switzer

"What stuck with me after a tour of the ARBI facility was the perseverance. Encouraged by family and staff, ARBI’s clients persist through hard work to ensure their best outcome.  The possibilities for these clients should not be compromised by a lack of equipment."

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Jim Gray

“I support ARBI because it is really what Calgary is all about; people coming together to support each other through challenging times.”

Learn how Jim Gray gives second chances …

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ARBI gives brain injury and stroke survivors a second chance at life.

ARBI provides intensive community-based rehabilitation and family support in a nurturing environment. With personalized rehab, and lots of encouragement, survivors can once again enjoy fulfilling lives in their communities. Continue learning.

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We hope Guillaume’s motto resonates with you; it does with us!

We’re excited to share his and other clients’ inspiring stories and give you an idea of what we’re all about in our new video, below. 



What a ride! The sun was out for a beautiful day on the Bow Valley Parkway as the crew got together to raise more than $33,000 for ARBI! 

Thank you to everybody who planned, participated, hosted and donated and made it a day to remember, again. 

Every dollar contributes to making life better for our clients.




A huge thank you to all of the sponsors (below) of this year's McKinley Masters/ARBI Charity Classic, and to those who generously bid on auction items and donated throughout the day. We can't overstate how grateful we are. This money ($140,000!) goes a long way toward making life better for our clients. 

This is the ad that ran in the Calgary Sun, and check some photos below!

Click here to see more photos on our Facebook! See you next year!




Thanks for coming out! And so many of you! We had a great turnout for some great times at our 2015 Stampede Breakfast, presented by Grover Law Firm. Head on over to our Facebook page to see some photos! 


Also, if you had your photo taken at the Lifetouch photo booth in the gym, head on over here to download your shots! Please email for the password.


Thanks again, and enjoy the rest of your Stampede. Party safe!



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The 2014-15 Annual Report has arrived! We're excited to share it with you here.

It's got the numbers, yes, but also some great stories, including Claudia's (pictured). Happy reading!




For those who have been wondering who will be taking over for Mary Anne, you’ll probably recognize not one, but two of ARBI’s finest! Ana (l) and Tanya (r) have been with ARBI for a combined 29 years. So, don’t worry, they know some things about some things, and they sure know ARBI!
As co-program directors, Tanya will be primarily looking after the On-Site Program, Community Integration Program and government contracts, while Ana will be focused on the intake process, neuro-psych, the Outreach Program and research.
Individually, they both have been working in their respective fields (Tanya as a physiotherapist and Ana as an occupational therapist) for almost 30 years. We’re lucky to have them, to say the least, and are excited to see the impact of their leadership and vision over the next few years. The future is bright!

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the retirement of Mary Anne Ostapovitch (MAO), our legendary program director. After 30 incredible years of service, Mary Anne is moving on spend time with her family and pursue other dreams.
MAO's contributions to ARBI are too many to number here. Her dedication to our clients and passion to make life better for them and their families will leave an amazing legacy.
In keeping with MAO’s eternally optimistic attitude, we leave you with the following quote:
“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” ― Dr. Seuss
A celebration will take place in May; details to follow.

Happy National Volunteer Week! On behalf of the entire staff and clients and Boyz II Men: THANK YOU! 

As a token of our appreciation, please enjoy this video:

"So many times and changes,
You've seen me through.
I sure enough couldn't have survived without you.
And so I thought up this song,
To show my appreciation for lovin' me so long.
You don't know how much you mean to me."

(Seriously, though, ARBI could not exist without you. Thank you!)


The CycleTherapy 2015 season is underway! The money raised last year funds our aquatics and walking groups, and was used to purchase a treadmill with features particularly useful for our clients. 

Here's a short video we made to say thanks, and to show the impact.

CycleTherapy Launch 2015 on Vimeo.




Meet Don. He was an avid golfer prior to his stroke. Lately, with the support of CIP and his volunteer, Don's been having weekly golf sessions at the National Golf Academy. He's been getting his strength back and hopes his love for the game will follow. 

Asked about his sessions, he said, "It's not the same right now, but I can see myself getting better."

We can too, Don!


Our friend Berto, pictured above on the track with his Ducati some time before his motorcycle crash, represented ARBI on January 10 at The Calgary Motorcycle Show. Berto is quite a social guy and a lot of fun to have around, so we thought he might enjoy talking with some folks with a shared passion down at the BMO Centre. We know he also has a bit of a way with the ladies, but we didn't know his mom was in on it, too! Read about it in his report below. Thanks for the story, Berto!


As acts of kindness directed towards me, ARBI had given me four tickets to the Motorcycle Show at Stampede Park handed to them by one of their major donors being Grover Law Firm. With me I took Mom, Dad and Tracerz as my guests.

As Mom and Dad were traveling down with me on the HandiBus, the audible radio was turned up as it was playing Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”. In my past from what I remembered, for a local broadcasting radio station in Calgary to play Metallica was unheard of. On this trip there was only a young boy traveling with us. So I revealed to Mom, “I have seen them play this song at two different concerts.” She answered back with, “Aren’t you a Mr. Fancy Pants.” I then proved it by giving her an impersonation of James Hetfeild rocking on his guitar singing out loud, “tuck you in, warm within, keep you free from sin till the sandman he comes. Sleep with one eye open, gripping your pillow tight. Exit light, enter night. Take my hand, we're off to never-never land.”

Once we were at the Motorcycle Show, before we entered, Mr. Mag and Dano Dan approached me with beaming grins. I declared, “I guess you recognized me because of the wheelchair?” Mr. Mag corrected me by revealing, “Not quite. I first recognized your Dad.”

For this occasion, I wore my Marco Simoncelli jacket that many people noticed. Marco was an Italian MotoGP rider who died in 2011 after a horrific crash at the Malaysian Grand Prix in Sepang. I was also wearing my red Ducati Corse pit crew shirt with a full button front.

ARBI’s donor and I were sharing the same table. They were handing out tire pressure gauges as I was handing out pamphlets for ARBI. On the table I placed a picture of me on the racetrack with my Ducati 750 SuperSport and one of me on my Ducati 998S Final Edition. As people would stop and look at the photos I’d explain, “that’s me at the race track on the bike I crashed seven years ago. Then that’s me on my 998S FE just two weeks before my accident.”

At the show I made friends with ARBI’s donor’s staff including Eden. I invited Mom to rub my shaved head in front of those women and say her trademark line. So she rubbed it and then addressed, “smooth as a babies bum.” Immediately after that, those women each rubbed my head gently like a babies bum.

Being a motorcyclist herself, Tracerz had her friends Jeff and Conrad, who also ride, meet us down there. Tracerz and I focused our time checking out the new breathtakingly stylish with impeccable attention to detail Ducati motorcycles. In addition to their striking new bodywork that featured aggressive lines.

Much love, Berto




This is Val…

...and this is Val’s camera. It’s an Exakta Varex, fully manual 35mm film camera, made in Germany circa 1958.

It’s an interesting little rig, with an interchangeable eye level/waist level finder, a shutter button on the left side of the lens, and the ability to feed the exposed film from its canister into an empty canister on the other side of the body, including a clever sliding blade to cut the film free from the original canister. It also feeds the opposite direction (right to left). That one took some figuring out!

Val brought it in for us to play with, so we put a few rolls of Kodak 400 through it not knowing what to expect. The results are interesting, and depending on your taste, really awesome, too!

Thanks for the fun, Val.



Well, that's a wrap! Thank you so much to Grover and Company, CycleTherapy, and everyone who joined us at our open houses this week. It's always great to see so many friendly and familiar faces. ARBI simply would not happen without your support.

Cheers, friends, and have a safe Christmas and holiday season. 


In honour of the coming snowfall in Calgary, here's a little throwback thursday action to warmer times! We made this video in the summer to say thank you to CycleTherapy for all they do for us, and to show them how the bikes they donated are used. 



The ARBIChat Fall 2014 newsletter is out now! Read a client's first-person account of rehab, or about our awesome volunteers, or meet our new executive director, Mary Ellen Neilson, or catch up with former ARBI client, Lorna (pictured below). 

Read on! (


Here is the advertisement (above) that ran in the Calgary Sun to celebrate the success of the McKinley Masters/ARBI Charity Classic. Thanks again to all of our sponsors and golfers! Your support makes a difference. 


This just in! View our Annual Report for 2013-14 here.